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Our camera console developed for the GoPro HERO3 action cameras fuse the technology of traditional camera movers used in the film industry with the advantages of mobile gimbals. Thanks to the annular rings, it’s the market leader for a small sized head unit that can rotate infinitely around 3 axes.bee_full

The BEE’s usability is boosted by the fact that it can support almost any current action camera on the market with the correct spacer.

The current list of compatible devices:

- GoPro Hero 2/3/3+/4 White/Silver/Black edition

- SJ4000

- Ion Air Pro/The Game

- Drift HD Ghost/Ghost-S

- Garmin Virb Elite

- Sony Action Cam 2

- JVC Adixxion

- Contour

- Polaroid Cube/XS80/XS100

It can be ordered with a number of servo motors, based on brand loyalty or experience (the list of servo motors can be found at the technical info) and later – under the name BEE Silence – with a stepper motor. Customization options don’t stop here, you can choose the colour, the type of coating and docking station as well.

Order one to record your club’s show with matte black finish and a wall console, or put one in the showcase of your shop as a unique accessory with custom colours and a docking station with a rail, the opportunities are endless.

You’ll find more pictures in the ”Gallery” section, for technical data click on the icon:


Engineering and construction process

bee_01We began development of this product parallel to GyroSys WASP. The basic structure is similar to the bigger version, however the inner part had to be completely redesigned so the GoPro can be put in and taken out easily.

After acquiring a HERO3 we basically designed the product around it, by putting the lens in the geometric bee_02center of rotation. We took extra care to make the camera’s button easily accessible, and to have a large anti slip surface considering the heavy duty uses of the product.bee_03

We placed an engravable surface on the product as well, which is perfect for advertising.

We chose a model from the 3D variants and improved it based on the needs of the customer, then finished constructing the prototype in less than 3 weeks. We ordered the appropriate parts for the finished head units and modified them where necessary.

bee_05After the wire connection was built and the parts had been painted, the prototype reached a testable state, and we made a trial shooting.


Currently BEE is available for pre order, you can find the variations in the ”Downloads” section, on the order sheet.


If you have any further questions about the product, or your unique idea, please contact us in e-mail.