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Steplessly tiltable, spill and shockproof docking station designed for the second generation iPad Mini and Ingenico ICT220. With a highly rigid, anti-slip sole, and with a cable guide that prevents the breaking of cables, this complex docking station is unique in its category. dokkolo_full

We mainly recommend it for high stress use, such as restaurants and festivals, however with its elegant and clean design it stands out in any retail or wholesale unit amongst contactless payment devices.

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Engineering and construction process

dokkolo_01Our customer came to us with the request to design a docking station which supports the ICT220 terminal with PayPass function and the iPad Mini. The terminal had to be rotated around its upper sole to use the card reader on its bottom, while the tablet had to be able to tilt a maximum of 50 degrees around its bottom. The docking station was intended to be used on festivals and in restaurants replacing current technology, so it was especially important during the designing process to protect the cables and make the tablet dust and spill proof.dokkolo_02

It’s especially noteworthy that the iPads movement had to be stepless, therefore it couldn’t contain any brakes.

After procuring and digitalising the devices – for dokkolo_03the sake of accurate measurement – we finished the plans while consulting with our customer. After that we prepared the 3D models and our customer chose the one to his liking.

Currently the project is in the material procurement and cost of production calculation stage.

If you have any further questions about the product, or your unique idea, please contact us in e-mail.