Gyrosystem Camera Consoles

 Gyrosys BEE

Our camera console developed for the GoPro HERO3 action cameras fuse the technology of traditional camera movers used in the film industry with the advantages of mobile gimbals. Thanks to the annular rings, it’s the market leader for a small sized head unit that can rotate infinitely around 3 axes.

The BEE’s usability is boosted by the fact that it can support almost any current action camera on the market with the correct spacer.

The current list of compatible devices:

- GoPro Hero 2/3/3+/4 White/Silver/Black edition

- SJ4000

- Ion Air Pro/The Game

- Drift HD Ghost/Ghost-S

- stb ..

It can be ordered with a number of servo motors, based on brand loyalty or experience (the list of servo motors can be found at the technical info) and later – under the name BEE Silence – with a stepper motor. Customization options don’t stop here, you can choose the colour, the type of coating and docking station as well.

Order one to record your club’s show with matte black finish and a wall console, or put one in the showcase of your shop as a unique accessory with custom colours and a docking station with a rail, the opportunities are endless.

 Gyrosys WASP

It represents the renewed generation of classic camera consoles which fuses the stable and high carrying capacity mechanical solutions with WiFi technology, and high precision drive. Movement speed and accuracy matches those head units of professional use, and the ability to move continuously around three axis makes it unique.

Due to its structure it supports most of the 5-10 kilogram cameras and depending on your order it’s available with 12 – 24 cable connection, which does not impede movement.


Gyrosystem Docking Station

 iPad mini - ICT220

Steplessly tiltable, spill and shockproof docking station designed for the second generation iPad Mini and Ingenico ICT220. With a highly rigid, anti-slip sole, and with a cable guide that prevents the breaking of cables, this complex docking station is unique in its category.

We mainly recommend it for high stress use, such as restaurants and festivals, however with its elegant and clean design it stands out in any retail or wholesale unit amongst contactless payment devices.