The Gyro System Engineering team assembled to statisfy the increasing need for custom devices on the market with dynamism and high precision, mainly in the field of mechanical engineering.

Our main fields of work:

- Mechanical engineering, construction and maintenance

- Technical service of imaging devices

- Development and improvement of existing technology

Besides engineering and construction, we also rent our current products out and undertake filming with them.


The products engineered and constructed by us reflect this view clearly. The durable structures and environment friendly materials are both the results of fusing thorough engineering with the most advanced technologies.

To demonstrate the main stages of engineering, we quote one of our old professors:

What can’t be explained, can be drawn. Just like how Mona Lisa’s smile cannot be described by words.

Contact us with your plans, concepts or development ideas, so that we can make a drawing out of the idea, a prototype out of the drawing and the complete product out of the prototype – we make your dreams come true!

Based on your needs, we can provide an opportunity for a personal meeting in the entire country (Hungary).